Date Post : 15/07/2562
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Requested Documents 申请资料

1. An Online Application Form 申请表  

2. A copy of transcripts / 成绩单复印件(须公证,一式两份)

3. A copy ofdiploma or certificate / 最后学历证书复印件(须公证,一式两份)

4. A copy of passport / 学生本人护照首页的扫描件

5. 1 Inch photo (white shirt and blue screen) / 证件照电子版 要求:身穿白色有领衬衣,蓝色背景(如图)

6. Bank transfer receipt (Please write your name on the receipt) 申请费的汇款单扫描件(标注学生姓名的拼音)  



Remarks 注意

1. Transcript and graduation certificate in other languages must be translated in Thai or English by the accredited translation organization. / 非英泰语版毕业证书与成绩单,请在公证处翻译成泰语或英语并附上翻译的公证书原件。

2. Applicants who haven’t got any diploma or graduation certificate can apply by submitting a prospect graduation certificate withspecific date, month, year of graduation. Applicants must submit a graduation certificate with 2 copies on the document date submission / 尚未毕业或尚未得到毕业证书的的学生需要提前准备学校的即将毕业证明(需写明毕业时间),并在开学当天携带毕业证书及两份复印件。

3. Whether the applicants are accepted or not, all the application documents andfee will not be returned / 无论申请人是否被录取,上述申请材料恕不退还。