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Business Chinese

Business Chinese, B.A.

International Program

The Bachelor of Arts Program in Business Chinese is designed to develop graduates to possess a high level of proficiency in Chinese language, especially in business setting. The Business Chinses program is originated as Chinese language is becoming increasingly important in international business environments and in natural settings.

Highlight : Exchange programs with universities in China 1 year

Bachelor of Arts program in Business Chinese aims to have the students develop their competence in Chinese for business. Learning and teaching activities are conducted to emphasize theoretical knowledge and practice in real situations. This is to make the students capable of setting up a business or working in any organizations in Thailand and in foreign countries. In addition, to complete the degree, each student is required to study in China for 1 academic year.

Jobs Opportunity

– Working in government sectors, Department of Export Promotion, Department of International Trade Promotion, Department of Trade Negotiations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industry, The Board of Investment of Thailand, Bank of Thailand, Export-Import Bank of Thailand, Airports of Thailand.
– Working in private sectors such as export-import companies, international trades companies, logistics entrepreneurs, airlines, tourism agencies, and hotels.
– Working in private businesses such as exports and imports, logistics agencies, and so forth.


Hold a certificate not less than high school or equivalent. Have basic knowledge of Chinese language or have passed HSK3 exam

Study duration

Bachelor's degree, 4 years,
8 academic terms

Tuition fees

Thai students
20,000 Baht/academic term

International students
20,000 Baht per academic term

*International student tuition fee 10,000 Baht per academic term **Excluding summer term fees and first-entry fees

Semester Period

1st Semester
August - December

2nd Semester
January - May

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