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English for International

English for International Communication,B.A.

International Program

As English plays a vital role in all industries graduates with high potential of English are highly demanded by all organizations. Bachelor of Arts in English for International Communication Program aims to produce graduates to be able to efectively communicate in English. Students can develop their English skills. The courses include English literature, inguistics and especially English for workplace so that they can work effectively in regional and international public and private sectors

Qualified and successful communicators must completely master the English language, have considerable expertise in communication skills in business contexts, possess mastery of international cultures and practice professional ethics.

The Bachelor of Arts program in English for International Communication aims to have the students develop English communication knowledge and skills, possess morality and professional ethics, and develop them to be desirable graduates for the society and labor market at both national and international levels. Besides, the curriculum encourages the students to learn in both theoretical and practical aspects by providing field experience training in government and non-government organizations in order to lay the foundation for the qualified graduates according to national strategic plans on development and potential enhancement of human resources to respond to the 21st Century transitions.


Hold a certificate not less than high school or equivalent or Pass the entrance exam in accordance with the Admission Criteria of the Higher Education Office and/ or the Undergraduate Study Regulations of Chiang Mai Rajabhat University in 2014

Study duration

Bachelor's degree, 4 years,
8 academic terms

Tuition fees

Thai students
17,000 Baht/academic term

International students
17,000 Baht per academic term

*International student tuition fee 10,000 Baht per academic term **Excluding summer term fees and first-entry fees

Semester Period

1st Semester
August - December

2nd Semester
January - May

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