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International Business

International Business Management,

International Program

The Bachelor of Business Administration Program in International Business Management enhances students to possess knowledge and ability in management,business, and language skills in accordance with the pace of globalization, as well as prepares graduates to be well adaptive to the changes in the rapid economic and social changing future.

International Business Management, B.B.A. (International Program), aims to equip the students with knowledge in international management, fitting the changes of a globalized world. The courses focus on economics, finance, banking, information technology, human resource management, international business management, and so on. All subjects are taught in English. Students are able to learn both theories and practice in order to apply their knowledge to their careers in the future.

Career Opportunities
– Working in governmental organizations, for example, the Department of Export Promotion, the Department of Foreign Trade, the Department of Trade Negotiations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Industry, the Bank of Thailand, Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited, etc.
– Private organizations, for example, import/export companies, international trading companies, logistics companies, airlines, financial institutions, commercial banks, etc.
– Private business, including, import/export business, logistics, freight forwarders, etc.


Hold a certificate not less than high school or equivalent or Pass the entrance exam in accordance with the Admission Criteria of the Higher Education Office and/ or the Undergraduate Study Regulations of Chiang Mai Rajabhat University in 2014

Study duration

Bachelor's degree, 4 years,
8 academic terms

Tuition fees

Thai students
17,000 Baht/academic term

International students
17,000 Baht/academic term

*International student tuition fee 10,000 Baht per academic term **Excluding summer term fees and first-entry fees

Semester Period

1st Semester
August - December

2nd Semester
January - May

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