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Thai for Business

Thai for Business Communication, B.A.

International Program

Bachelor of Arts Program in Thai for Business Communication
(Iinternational Program) was developed to meet the needs of learning Thai language in a variety of contexts. The curriculum integrates knowledge Of language and culture, with knowledge in business, communication and technology, which will make students
and knowledgeable capable of doing business in the digital age and in demand in the current labor market. The program also encourages
students to have proficiency in English and Chinese in order to bring Thai language knowledge to work as needed and apply Thai language for effective business communication.

Bachelor of Arts Program in Thai Language for Business Communication is a program that opens new perspectives to learn and develop professional communication skills (Hard Skills) so that it can be further applied in business with a focus on practical training, work skills and life skills; to practice thinking, analyzing, creating, and enhancing arts and culture. It also develops soft skills and other essential skills of the 21st century for success and advancement in the future. The program is available for both Thai and international students to create a community that students can have the opportunities to use their communication skills in multiple languages. Students studying in this program will be able to communicate in up to 3 languages according to the curriculum’s goals, which are Thai, English and Chinese, with teaching and learning that supports learners to communicate naturally. “Multilingual people have better job opportunities”

Thai for business communication graduates are language excellence which can integrate Thai language with other knowledge in an interdisciplinary people with competencies and the 21st century skills who can work effectively in digital age.

Possible Careers after Graduation
– Content Creator / Content Writer / Copywriter / UX Writer
– Entrepreneurs (Education / Mass Communication / Tourism and Culture)
– Employees in governmental or private organizations (who are responsible for the use of Thai language)
– Interpreter, Translator


Hold a certificate not less than high school or equivalent or Pass the entrance exam in accordance with the Admission Criteria of the Higher Education Office and/ or the Undergraduate Study Regulations of Chiang Mai Rajabhat University in 2014

Study duration

Bachelor's degree, 4 years,
8 academic terms

Tuition fees

Thai students
20,000 Baht/academic term

International students
20,000 Baht per academic term

*International student tuition fee 10,000 Baht per academic term **Excluding summer term fees and first-entry fees

Semester Period

1st Semester
August - December

2nd Semester
January - May

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