Announcement of Admission Interview Results, Direct Apply Weekday Program Academic Year 2022 (Additional) International College, Chiang Mai Rajabhat University

27 July 2022

Aviation Business Management Program 4 Students

NoStudent IDName
165628046Miss Aye Chan Phyu
265628047Miss Nan Khin Khin Wai
365628048Mr Xiang  Li
465628049Miss Isariya Buddtawong

International Business Management Program 23 Students

NoStudent IDName
165628221Miss Aye Mon Mon Zin
265628222Miss Haishan Zhao
365628223Miss Honey Win
465628224Miss Naw Mu Aye
565628225Miss Naw Phaw Tar Su
665628226Miss Ruishan  Zhang
765628227Miss Tang Ji
865628228Miss Zhuoma  Qilin
965628229Mr Defu  Men
1065628230Mr Junzhong  Luo
1165628231Mr Liang  Dong
1265628232Mr Roi Vincent Panahon  Roda
1365628233Mr Sai Kal Lyan 
1465628234Mr Sai Seng Aung Maing
1565628235Mr Saw Kyaw San Htay
1665628236Mr Stepan  Chubenko
1765628237Mr Tianci Wang
1865628238Mr Wenjie Zhou
1965628239Mr Wohan  Yan
2065628240Mr Xirong  Liu
2165628241Mr Yicheng  Pu
2265628242Mr Zhengyu  Zhang
2365628243Miss Kanyapatch Udomchaipattanasin

English for International Communication Program 15 Students

NoStudent IDName
165628643Miss Aye Aye Myint
265628648Miss Lingyan  Wang
365628649Miss Shanying  Chen
465628652Miss Xiaohong  Bai
565628661Mr Jun   Liu
665628664Mr Sai Hark Noom
765628665Mr Sai Naw Wann
865628668Mr Yantao Zhang
965628669Mr Yuhan Li
1065628670Miss Jiratchaya Supap
1165628676Miss  Pornnapa  Champakesasi
1265628679Miss Peerapon Nuanma
1365628682Mr Thiti  Boonchoen
1465628688Mr Wit Phichai Chomchinda
1565628691Mr Sutat

Business Chinese Program 5 Students

NoStudent IDName
165628419Miss Nang Mwe Hleng 
265628430Miss Yanisa Wongsuphajaroen
365628431Mr Thathep  Tami
465628432Mr Tawin Yencham
565628433Mr Adthawit Promphummarin

Thai for Business Communication Program 9 Students

NoStudent IDName
165628506Miss Siyao  Liu
265628507Miss Wenqing  Xi
365628508Miss Yixuan Di
465628509Miss Yuqing  Chen
565628510Miss Zhou Hui
665628511Mr Dingqi  Chen
765628512Mr Hongyu  Zhang
865628513Mr Jiaheng  Li
965628514Mr Qixing Liao

All students, please confirm your student status as the following details:

127 July – 5 August 2022Record Personal Information Registration Online
227 July – 5 August 2022Tuition Fee Payment (print invoice from the system)Bangkok Bank (any branches)
327 July – 5 August 2022Document SubmissionEmail Or Postal Mail

Tuition Fee Payment

  1. For Thai Students or International Students who are currently in Thailand, students can print out the invoice from the system and pay directly at Bangkok Bank (all branches).
  2. For International Students who are NOT currently in Thailand, please contact to get the oversea payment details.

How to confirm your student status at International College, CMRU Academic Year 2022

Please follow these instructions.

  1. Log in your personal information via between 27 July – 5 August 2022 as follows:
    Login Code: Student ID
    Password: Passport number
  2. Fill your personal information to complete this step.
  3. Upload your photo with white plain shirt ONLY. Then print out the document from system.
  4. Pay the tuition fee and others directly to Bangkok Bank (any branches) between 27 July – 5 August 2022. The details are as follows:
    1. Tuition Fee
      • English for International Communication Program 17,000 THB
      • International Business Management Program 17,000 THB
      • Aviation Business Management Program 30,000 THB
      • Business Chinese Program 20,000 THB
      • Thai for Business Communication Program 20,000 THB
      • Remarks: International student fee 10,000 THB
    1. Miscellaneous Deposit 1,000 THB
    2. Activity, Insurance and other fees 2,500 THB
  5. Please submit your documents by Email or Postal Mail during 27 July – 5 August 2022 with the following documents.
    1. Documents that print out from system
    2. A copy of house registration
    3. Two copies of passport
    4. Two copies of transcript
    5. Two copies of certificate of name change (if any)
    6. Tuition Fee and other fees payment slip

Postal Mail Address: “International College, Chiang Mai Rajabhat University 202 Chang Puak Rd, Chang Puak, Muang, Chiang Mai 50300”

OR Email: (scan files in PDF format ONLY)

For more information or help or any assist, please contact International College, CMRU. Call 0 5388 5983 or 06 2310 4912

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